A defining moment happened recently during a heart to heart talk with a close friend. Always believing that God would bless the lives of those who served him, my friend could not understand why she experienced so many disappointments and heartbreaks. She questioned why God would withhold the desires for which she had longed, desires he placed in her heart. As she spoke, I realized that we all get trapped by the mistaken belief that God withholds blessings from us. Although our circumstances can be difficult, if not impossible to understand, God does not neglected His children. It is the limitations of our perspective that results in turmoil and unanswered questions.


From that conversation came a desire to write articles and books that help individuals gain a deeper understanding of God and His immense love for us. Since the Bible is God’s central avenue of revealing Himself and His love, I authored Bible studies to help others  deepen their understanding of God. As we understand the Bible, we recognize and change our wrong thinking and perceptions. My desire is help others experience freedom, build healthy relationships, and meaningful lives.

What People are Saying…

“Exhilarating! As Lorie presents, I sit on the edge of my seat as I ponder and absorb the studies that Lorie so diligently shares with us. I love it!” Susan Brunsman

“Great insights! You challenged us to look beyond our momentary struggles to a God with greater plans. What a beautiful picture. Thank you! (Joyce Wallace)