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How do I Find Time for God?

Published 2008


Ask the right question – Every woman struggles with balance in her life. Christian women regularly wonder what balance should look like in a believer’s life. I was recently asked by one woman, “How do I find time for God?” I struggled for an answer until I realized this question came from a wrong perception of what God wants. God does not want more of my time. He desires my entire life. So the question does not have the proper perspective. The question should be: “How do I live my life in communion with God?” (more available)


Facets of Joy


True joy comes from a source that is usually overlooked. We think it comes from money, experiences, or other people. Real joy comes from a different source...

Facets of Joy - Philippians
Runtime: about 10 minutes


When God Appears Absent


The lives of Naomi and Ruth show us that the shattering of our earthly dreams opens the door to God’s greater dreams. Recorded March 2008.

When God Appears Absent

Runtime: about 40 minutes