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Relational conflict is a reality of life making the need for effective communication critical. Learn strategies for recognizing relational barriers while gaining the skill to turn them into relational builders.

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Surviving and Thriving in Relational Conflict

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Many people wrongly interpret their painful life experiences as Godís absence. The lives of Naomi and Ruth show us that God is at work in our ďless than idealĒ circumstances establishing His greater plans for our lives.

When God Appears Absent

We have all been hurt. Godís healing is available to cleanse and release us from the wounds caused by life, others, and ourselves. Experience the freeing power of Godís Word as it releases us from hurtful memories and from lies.

Healing Wounds

Life can be baffling when Godís justice appears overshadowed by evil. Instead of delivering Joseph from despairing circumstances, God transformed him through adversity. Even when life is unfair, God accomplishes His plans for our lives while building His character within us.

When Life is Unfair

Leadership Topics

Many desire to lead, are recruited to lead, yet few are apprenticed to lead. Learn strategies for recognizing leaders, apprenticing them, and establishing a team of leaders.

Apprenticing Leaders

Successful facilitating strategies support meaningful sharing in small groups. Learn skills for respectfully responding to people who unintentionally dominate or divert discussions, for redirecting unfocused sharing, and for protecting unending prayer requests.

Facilitating Small Groups 101

Womenís Retreats

Examine the deceptive lies women face, the expectations that imprison, the misperceptions that blind, and Godís love that sets us free.

Godís Transforming Truth