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Published in the winter newsletter of Westminster Chapel Women’s Ministry, “Women in Touch”.

Ask the right question – Every woman struggles with balance in her life. Christian women regularly wonder what balance should look like in a believer’s life. I was recently asked by one woman, “How do I find time for God?” I struggled for an answer until I realized this question came from a wrong perception of what God wants. God does not want more of my time. He desires my entire life. So the question does not have the proper perspective. The question should be: “How do I live my life in communion with God?”

God wants an ongoing relationship with us – After asking a child to clean their room, what mother is satisfied at an “I’m done!” announcement when only the blocks are put away and several other toys are left behind? Similarly, we ought to avoid our own tunnel vision regarding giving God a small piece of our day. He wants to be an integral part of our whole life.

God doesn’t want a fraction of our day. Frequently, we believe a Christian life is limited to an established quiet time, a time set aside for prayer, reflection, and Bible study. There is certainly value in this discipline; Christ modeled times of prayer and conversation with God. But everything Christ did was directed by His ongoing relationship with God. He lived His life in communion with God.

Brother Lawrence (1610-1691) was a lay brother in a Carmelite monastery in the 17th century. He is known for the closeness of his relationship to God (“The Practice of the Presence of God”). His life is a powerful example of a man who removed defined blocks of time in his life for daily prayer and instead sought to commune with God throughout the entire day. He recognized each moment of His life was to be offered to God, not mere visitations with God.

God calls us to work with Him, not for Him – Since God’s central desire is having an ongoing relationship with us, our life focus should stem from Christ’s words in John 15:5, “If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will

How do I Find Time for God?

Date: January 2008

bear much fruit; apart from Me, you can do nothing.” Since communing with God is a condition of the heart, not a task list, every activity whether changing a baby’s diaper or formulating a company’s fiscal budget can become a holy offering when it flows from an ongoing relationship with God.

When what we do is an outflow of our relationship with God, He influences all our activities and all of our interactions with others. As we live in His presence focused on seeking and listening to Him, He opens our eyes to discover His plan and purpose. We begin to recognize opportunities as open doors to join God’s work.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s not that we have to fill our lives with back-to-back busyness. Instead of busyness, God wants to increase our perceptivity and fruitfulness. We begin to sense God’s direction in our daily encounters with people. Our words and actions become influenced by Him. We are free when we work with God and stop working for God.

Glorifying God – Although the tasks of our individual days may look different, we are all created with an identical purpose: glorifying God. Discovering that relationship with God can occur in a corporate office, in a kitchen while preparing an evening meal, or on bended knees in prayer. It can make every activity holy and each minute an opportunity to grow closer to God, to talk to Him, and share our lives with Him.