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Text Box: Philippians Study Guide

Embracing Joy Whatever Your Circumstance:

A Study Guide for the Book of Philippians

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In embracing joy we are free to forsake the endless pursuit of seeking to make our lives free of conflict and struggles. Paulís words in the book of Philippians helps believers understand that they can experience joy even in the most challenging of circumstances. Paulís knowledge of this truth equipped him to face floggings, beatings, numerous arrests and imprisonment while experiencing joy unhampered by his circumstances.

Through this study readers come to understand that joy is an attitude developed through confidence in God. This confidence is rooted in the truth that God is orchestrating His will through our surrendered lives. Knowledge of this truth causes us to experience joy.

This study leads participants into a deep truth of Godís word through rich commentary excerpts that fill each page. Powerful truth by leaders of the Christian faith is included along with life application questions and examples that bring the reader into a place of experiencing Godís transforming power of the word in their own lives.

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